Drone Battalions
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What is a Drone Battalion?

Drone Battalions are large groups of drones of different types (land, air, sea, subsurface, or even space) and different configurations (thermal, video, NDVI, Auditory, Olfactory, etc.) working together through specialized tasks to accomplish a goal.

Sample Use Cases

With an army of fixed-wing (airplane) drones persistently patrolling during wildfire season, armed with thermal cameras; forestry officials are alerted immediately and send out larger groups of multicopters (stationed throughout the forest) to generate high resolution 3D models and maps of the area (along with thermal imagery) so officials can formulate an appropriate response.  Meanwhile rovers on station douse any sparks which threaten to spark small groundfires while waiting for a human response.

Current methods of searching for the missing and lost can take several hours to organize and are wildly inefficient. Using a fleet of drones armed with thermal cameras, microphones, and loudspeakers, not only do you quickly find the missing; officials are able to communicate and assess what resources are needed and dispatch them immediately.

Inspection of pipelines, refineries, and off-shore drilling rigs is crucial to avoiding ecological disasters, and losses of millions of dollars.  By performing autonomous inspections on a regular bases, engineers can track changes over time and accurately predict issues before they become problems.

During the Apollo-13 mission, the astronauts encountered an issue they could not diagnose nor solve.  Luckily, they were able to mitigate the effects of the issue and come back home. 

As we are about to explore further reaches (such as Mars), the mission will necessitate an efficient and safe way to inspect a spacecraft on a regular basis during the mission.  Drone battalions are a perfect solution for inspection, and possibly even repairing issues.

What is Tempest Harbinger?

Who is Tempest Droneworx?

Ty Audronis - Founder / CEO

  • 23-years of experience in the drone industry: designing,building, and piloting drones
  • Author of 2-books: [PACKT] Publishing – re: designing and building drones
  • Expert in science visualization and presentation technologies
  • Patent Inventor: Photogrammetry methodology for fascade inspection using a layered approach
  • U.S. Navy, Retired

Lady Dana Abramovitz, PhD, MSM - Co-Founder / VP, Business Development

  • Serial Entrepeneur
  • Startup Mentor
  •  Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Expert forming strategic partnerships and business development

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