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Mission Statement:

“Keeping Issues From Becoming Problems by Providing Real-Time IntelligenceIn Context.”

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The Story of Tempest Droneworx™...

The town of Paradise, CA's sign burning
The “Camp Fire” of 2018 Burned our Founder’s Hometown of Paradise, CA

On November 8th, 2018, Paradise California (our Founder’s home town) burned.  His family’s house was destroyed, but 85-people lost their lives amidst the over $10-billion in damage.  It could have been prevented if better intelligence were available to forestry officials.

Ty and Dana
Founders Ty Audronis (right) and Dana Abramovitz (left)

In 2021, Ty Audronis (our founder) and Dana Abramovitz (our co-founder) were brainstorming ideas for a SXSW presentation, and Ty blurted out “drone battalions!”  telling Dana of how they can help, and that “someone” needs to create them.  Dana replied “yes… you need to do this.” and Tempest Droneworx™ was born.

The first iteration of Harbinger™’s design (our flagship product) focused solely around drones, and grouping them into battalions (as you can see from our first corporate video here).  But we’ve since moved on to include static sensors (such as security cameras) and even crowdsourced data via mobile app.

About our Founders

Ty Audronis

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Ty is a Navy Veteran with over 24 years of experience in the drone industry; designing, building, and piloting drones.  He is also a recognized professional in the fields of science visualization (SciViz), game development, and user interfaces.

Some of Ty’s Career Highlights:

  • US Navy (PDRL Retired) – USS Independence (CV-62)/CAG 5/HS-12.  Atsugi/Yokosuka, Japan
  • 2X Frog Design Alumni 
  • 4-Years as Supervising Editor, Science Visualization @ California Academy of Science
  • Author of 4-Books (2 on drone design/building, 1 on video game design/development, 1 on VFX/Animation) – [PACKT] Publishing
  • Over 20 years of consulting experience in the drone industry, and related industries
  • Advisory Board Member, Society of Aerial Cinematography
  • Speaking Engagements: 6X speaker at Interdrone, 1X Drone World Expo, 1X Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, and 2X SXSW

Dana Abramovitz, Ph.D/MSM

Co-Founder / Chief Operating Officer

Dana is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and mentor to startups.  She has decades of experience as a product manager in the software industry, and building/managing businesses. Dana is also known as a connector, and a builder of ecosystems.

Some of Dana’s Career Highlights:

Ph.D – Columbia University •      
MSM – Stanford Graduate School of Business •      
Co-Founder, Game Tank (with successful exit to Ubisoft in 2009) •      
Mentor / Judge – Mass Challenge, Founder Institute, and NSF iCorps •      
Lead Advisor, 7Investing •      
Published in Numbers Publications •      

The Tempest Model: Ecosystems and DaaS

Although Tempest has the expertise to design and build our own drones and robots, we do everything in our power to avoid doing so.

Tempest is a software company, and has built – and is continuing to build our ecosystem of drone manufacturers and partners enabling us to build the right system to fit our clients’ needs.

From drones, rovers, and robots to static sensors, buoys, and even satellites; Tempest Droneworx™ has the ability – and contacts to create an entire monitoring solution.

But it doesn’t stop there.  At the heart of the solution is our Harbinger™ software.  A real-time management and visualization solution viewable on a plethora of devices across the entire chain of command.  From on-site personnel and command posts to centralized bases of operations… simultaneously in multiple spectrums and from multiple points of view.

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