Tempest Droneworx Newsletter – Q4 (Oct, 2022)

Thank you for your interest in Tempest Droneworx! We are working hard to build this business and want to keep you abreast of our progress through these quarterly updates. Please follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for more frequent updates.


If you’re familiar with our flagship software, Harbinger; you know that it creates real-time multispectral 3D maps from battalions of drones.  Last quarter we were under development of our MVP.  Well…


The MVP is complete, and we are now working on our release candidate software!


We have been spending a lot of time in the field testing the software, and it has seriously evolved.  No longer is it restricted to drone data. 


Some of the new features on deck:

  • Data from participating security cameras and static sensors will now be part of the maps
  • Voluntary crowdsourcing of data will be included via mobile app.  Users can add to map data by just turning on the app, and pointing their camera/mic
  • Moving Sensors (drones) will now be dynamically tasked with missions adjusted based on viewing usage , and targeted areas by users
  • Thanks to one of our closest partners, we will be including ATC functionality (ADSB and Radar)


If you’re interested in exploring Harbinger further, please click the button below:



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Conferences in Q4


We are attending Military Influencer Conference (MIC) in Las Vegas this week and have a table in the Oracle/NetSuite showcase at the Veterans in Technology (ViT) GALA in San Francisco on Veteran’s Day. If you’re attending either of these, please reach out to our Founder, Ty Audronis at ty@tempestdroneworx.com to schedule a time to meet up, or feel free to say “hi” to us at the events!

SXSW (South by Southwest) 2023!!!


And finally, our CEO Ty Audronis has been selected to host the autonomous robotics and drone meetup, “From Sea to Space: Autonomous Robotics & Drones.” LOOK FOR IT ON THE SCHEDULE!

Event Page

Tempest is just getting started and is on the path to do great things! But we can’t do it alone. If you are interested in investing, becoming part of our partnership ecosystem, working on software development, or would like to learn more about Tempest, please contact Dana at dana@tempestdroneworx.com



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