July 2023 Newsletter

: July Tempest Droneworx Update
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July, 2023

Welcome to the July edition of Tempest Droneworx newsletter! We are so excited to share our latest news and updates with you. This month, we have several exciting announcements…

Lt.Col. (USAF Ret.) Taylor Johnston Joins the Tempest Droneworx Team

Tempest is proud to announce the addition of USAF Lt. Col. (Ret) Taylor Johnston to its Advisory Board. In this role, Lt. Col. Johnston will share his knowledge to further enhance Harbinger’s ability to meet the needs of the USAF and other branches of the DoD. Additionally, he will help to connect the Tempest Droneworx team to potential DoD customers who can benefit from the Harbinger platform. “Taylor’s desire to bring innovation to aid the warfighter and introducing new ways to think about existing problems aligns with Tempest’s approach to everything we do,” said Tempest Droneworx CEO, Ty Audronis. “We couldn’t be happier to welcome Taylor to our team!” 

Meet Shannon Lombardo, Software Engineer

We’ve also added a new Sofware Engineer, Shannon Lombardo. A message from Shannon: Hello everyone! My name is Shannon, and I recently graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelors in Computer Science. During college I was heavily involved in our ACM-W chapter, an engineering sorority, and had a lot of leadership positions within those groups. I’ve loved all sorts of aerospace and robotics related topics for as long as I can remember. In my free time, I enjoy exploring downtown and playing video games. Im excited to join the team and use my coding knowledge to bring Tempest Droneworx’s ideas to life!

What is Harbinger?

The Harbinger platform consists of four components (aggregate, control, analyze, and disseminate) working together to present real-time 3D multispectral maps across an entire command chain via a video game engine.

It is sensor/drone agnostic, and can utilize any analysis software which has an API on the back end to provide real-time contextual intelligence across the entire command chain… simultaneously.

Learn More About Harbinger

Pilot Programs

We are also excited to announce that Tempest is exploring Pilot Programs for the civilian version of our Harbinger platform. This platform revolutionizes how static sensors, drones, and even crowdsourced mobile data can be fused and used in a wide range of applications, from search and rescue to wildfire prevention, and from security to data analysis on large-scale projects. Users find this platform extremely easy to use and powerful enough to tackle any project. If you or your organization is interested in participating in a Harbinger pilot program, contact us at info@tempestdroneworx.com

Interested in a Pilot Program?

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We’re happy to say that, with the addition of Taylor and Shannon, dedication from our talented engineers, and partnerships with organizations like AFWERX, Tempest Droneworx is quickly growing as a leader in intelligence technology

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