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Tempest Droneworx™ Awarded FAA Contract for Harbinger™ Software to Enhance 3D Mapping with Multi-Drone Control

Tempest Droneworx™, a leading innovator in drone technology and real-time intelligence, is proud to announce that it has been awarded a contract by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the demonstration and evaluation of the Control component of its Harbinger™ software. The software addresses the challenge of managing multiple drones with a single pilot for 3D mapping purposes, a feat that is set to revolutionize the drone industry.

As part of the contract, Tempest Droneworx™ will provide the FAA with a comprehensive report, and a proposed Standard Operating Procedure for multi-drone mapping.

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Harbinger™ Stress Tested with ALERTCalifornia

Once our founder, Ty heard about ALERTCalifornia coming online, he was intrigued. Due to the Tempest Droneworx™ story (Ty’s hometown of Paradise, CA burning in Nov, 2018), Ty immediately wanted to test the system with Harbinger™.

Tapping into nearly 1,200 open source cameras was easy enough, but where we thought Harbinger would max out at around 200 sensors, we were DRASTICALLY wrong… in the best possible way.

Our Harbinger™ server was not only able to source the data from the system, but used a fraction of server resources to do so.

In essence, we were able to visualize the entire state of California in real-time, and in 3D… with existing infrastructure!

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Tempest Droneworx™ Presenting at MOSA Summit

Ty Audronis, our Founder and CEO will be presenting on behalf of Tempest Droneworx™ as a finalist in the MOSA Innovation Challenge. As 1 of 20 companies selected among hundreds of applicants, Tempest and Ty are honored to be a part of this event, and appreciative of the opportunity to present our amazing Harbinger™ Technology to officials and leaders who have blazed the way, and continue to lead in aerospace, military, and engineering!

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